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Welcome to United Wardrobe

United Wardrobe is a platform where you can buy and sell secondhand clothing, sneakers and accessories. We focus on fashion and quality items. United Wardrobe offers a social network where you can share your style and get inspired by other users. On top of this we offer a safe system where you can buy and sell carefree. 

Bye bye Fast Fashion

We make secondhand fashion the norm! When you do not buy any new clothes, mainly Fast Fashion, you will make a huge impact on the environment in terms of sustainability. We strive to get everyone to buy secondhand fashion and contribute to saving our future. 

Where do we operate

We are active in The Netherlands, Belgium, France (excluding overseas French territories) and Germany. You can safely buy and sell items from/ any of these countries, shipping fees will be calculated accordingly.

However, we do not allow buying or selling from other countries at the moment.  We do really want to one day welcome many more countries and Fast Fashion fighters in our community so keep an eye on our website for future expansion, but refrain from placing items or buying if you do not have an address in the area we cover. If you decide to do so despite our warning, this is at your own risks and we will not refund any additional shipping costs you incur. Any cancellation requests made by other parties will be accepted and we will not insure you if your items gets lost during delivery. 

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