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What can I buy on UW

Good to hear that you want to buy on United Wardrobe! United Wardrobe has over a million users so the chance that you'll find what you're looking for is huge! United Wardrobe is a fashion marketplace, this means that we're all about clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, belt, jewelry, and many more fashion related accessories, for adults and children. We do accept cosmetic items (preferable barely used for this one) and mobile phone covers because they contribute to your amazing style.

Unfortunately, this also means that there are lots of things that we do not accept on our platform. Please find below additional information on what you can expect before shopping on United Wardrobe.

Note: due to the large volume of items being put on our platform each day, it is not yet possible for us to check every item. We therefore ask our users to be mindful and careful when buying. 


Yes! We love vintage! We have multiple vintage accounts on our website, which are selling really well! Look for them and follow these sellers so you are always notified when they place a new item on their wardrobe. 

Handmade items

A lot of sellers have the talent to create things. You will see a couple accounts selling handmate items. We advise sellers to address this in their advertisement so you will know that you stumbled upon a unique piece! 

No replica

It is forbidden by law, therefore it is also forbidden on United Wardrobe to sell and buy replica items. This applies to any item (shoes, clothing, accessories or cosmetics). Buying and selling replica is punishable by the law, and therefore also not allowed on United Wardrobe. It is still forbidden when the seller notified the buyer on forehand. When we see that an account is selling replica items, this account will get a warning or will be blocked.

Non fashion-related items

United Wardrobe is a fashion marketplace. Everything that is not 'fashion' will be removed from the platform. You can think of: 

  • books, mangas, 
  • toys, 
  • electronic devices (phones, phones chargers, headphones, curling irons, etc.),
  • video games 
  • cars, skatebords or any other transportation mode, 
  • your grandma's cutlery or any other home items (frames, candles, tables, etc).

Lucky for you, there are plenty other marketplaces where you can buy this kind of stuff! When we spot this kind of items, they will be removed. 

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