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In addition to buying a product directly, you can also place a bid on products. This is only possible if the seller has activated the option. If this is the case, you will see a ‘Bid from’ button next to the ‘Order now’ button. The minimum bid or the highest bid is also visible when you click the button.

The bid you place does not include administration and shipping costs. If the offer is accepted, you are the winner and the product is sold to you. The product is marked as "sold", placed in your shopping cart and you can now pay for the product.

Bids are binding! This means that when a bid is accepted, it cannot be canceled and you are obliged to purchase the item. So think before you place a bid! 

Bundled bid

Do you have multiple items that you want to purchase from one seller? Then you can also place a bundled bid. You can save money this way. You offer a total price for at least 2 items. Users can 'bundle' in every wardrobe, this is set by default.

Placing a bundled bid via the following steps:

  • Go to the seller's wardrobe and click on the "Bundle to receive discounts" button,
  • Select the products you want to purchase and enter the proposed price for the lot,
  • Submit your offer (the hammer symbol).

Note that the bundle bid that you place does not include administration and shipping costs.

The seller will receive your bid and will need to respond within 72 hours. When the seller accepts the bundle bid, it appears in your shopping cart. A bundle bid is binding just like a normal bid. You must therefore also pay for the bundle. The seller can also make you a counter-offer. In this case, you will need to either accept or refuse. 

Shipping costs with a bundled bid

If you have placed a bundled bid, our system will estimate how much shipping costs you will be charged at checkout. When you pay for multiple items, our system will automatically convert a small package into a large package. The seller gets the right shipping label.

If our system has made a wrong estimate, please let us know! Then it is up to the seller to purchase a label. We will of course reimburse the extra paid or overpaid costs to one of the parties.


Have you placed a bid and you get a counter offer from the seller and you agree with that, great! Then you can accept the counter offer and it will appear in your shopping cart. If you are not accepting the offer, you can place a counter bid. Hopefully you will agree on a selling price together. Reverse bids are possible with normal bids and bundle bids.

If you do not want to do anything with the received counter bid, you can ignore the bid. You cannot delete the bid. An unaccepted bid expires automatically after 72 hours.

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