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Trading on United Wardrobe

At United Wardrobe, we want to keep the services fair. It is then not possible to exchange products between users. This being said it is possible for the seller to indicate in their profile that they are not open for bartering and swapping products (via Menu). This is because sellers get so many requests for product swaps that it can be annoying.

Exchanging is not possible on United Wardrobe because we do not manage money as with a normal purchase. Sometimes users still want to exchange products through United Wardrobe. One way to exchange products, is that both users put the product on a low price, for example €1, and the same shipping method and then buy the product from each other. United Wardrobe will send out the addresses and the users can send it to each other. 

If you have decided to exchange a product in this way, keep in mind that United Wardrobe offers no safety. This means that we will not mediate if one of the products does not arrive while the other party has sent the product or one products get lost. This is the risk you take! 

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