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Reviewing a seller

Buyers on United Wardrobe can leave a review when the order is completed. In this way you can exchange experiences with each other. This information can be very useful if you are considering buying from a seller.

Submitting a review

After completing an order you will be asked if you want to write a review. You can also find this yourself via My Orders. At the top will be a banner with the text: "How was your experience with this seller?"

You will be ask to rate the seller (1-5 star rating). Please make sure you explain your rating. This will help the seller improve and other buyers understand better your experience. We do however ask that you stay respectful and polite in your comment. 

If your experience was not the best, we also suggest you discuss this in the chat with the seller. He may not have realised that you were not fully satisfied. This way, they get a chance to fix it or at least ask questions. After your discussion, you can, if you want, update your rating and/or comment (via Menu > My orders).

When to write a review

You can only write a review for a completed order. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to write a review about a cancelled or returned order.

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