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Setting up pick-up points

On United Wardrobe, the buyers have the opportunity to choose their preferred shipping method. For every country, United Wardrobe already set a delivery option. For The Netherlands this is PostNL, for Belgium this is BPost and for France it's La Poste. But, as a buyer you also can choose to get your package delivered at a pick-up point, this is a bit cheaper! In this case, the seller will send your order to a pick-up point near you, you will have to pick up your package there. Down below we'll explain how you can choose your pick-up point.

Different shipping companies

In your settings, you can choose which shipping company you would like to activate. Service point delivery is done by UPS for orders shipped from the Netherlands, but by Mondial Relay for order shipped within the France-Belgium area.

You can activate the different methods by going to Menu > Settings > Delivery options. When it is the first time you activate a different shipper, you will be asked to choose a pick-up point by default. You can always change this! 

Setting up a pick-up point

To set up a pick-up point you go to Menu > Settings > Adresses & pick-up points. Here you can set up your pick-up point for the desired shipping company. If you want, you can add multiple addresses.

Make sure you check the name associated with each pick-up point. These must match your ID which will be required when you go pick up your item.

When you've bought something, you will be asked to confirm the pick-up point where the seller will ship your order, using the label we provide. Once your order is shipped, you can track it directly on our platform.

Adding/modifying a service point 

If your service point has changed or is (temporarily) closed, you will need to update this on your profile so shipping labels have the latest information. Also, if the service point is permanently closed, we will not be able to generate shipping labels.

You can add or modify a service point in Menu > Settings > Addresses and service points

If you would like to delete a service point, first make sure that it is not your point by default. If so, you need to select another point by default, so the "delete" button appears on the old service point.

If your default service point is no longer valid, we will automatically change it to the next service point in your profile. However, if all your service points are no longer valid (temporary or permanently closed), we will automatically de-activate the Service point delivery option from your profile, and send you a message about it. To continue using this option, you will need to set up a new service point.

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