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When & how to be refunded

If you have a cancelled or returned order, you are of course entitled to a refund. By default, we pay you back on the bank account details (IBAN) you provided on your UW profile (via Menu > Settings > IBAN).

Refunds are usually processed within 24 hours after a cancellation or a completed return. You will see it on your bank account in the following days, depending on your bank and if the payment was processed on a weekend or not.

It is not possible to receive your purchase refunded as shopping credit on your UW account. If you used shopping credit to buy the order that was cancelled, we will put this credit back on your UW account, while the amount you paid is refunded on your bank account. 

What is an IBAN? 

The IBAN is the international bank account number. It contains 14 to 34 characters without the spaces. It is made of 4 characters (2 letters for the country and 2 digits) then your complete account number. But rest assured, communicating your IBAN is not dangerous. We cannot withdraw money from your bank account with an IBAN.

Note also that other users cannot see or access it.

Refund through Paypal or credit card

If you want us to pay you back through Paypal or credit card, this is possible though not automatic. Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible to request it. 

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