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Buyer safety on UW

Once you have purchased items on United Wardrobe, the seller receives the necessary delivery instructions, including the full name and the address/service point of the buyer. Any other information: bank details, phone number and e-mail are confidential data and only visible for United Wardrobe. You will only receive the seller's name. We do not give your information to other companies or to a third party, our security rules are very strict and reliable. 

Check out below for more information on how we safeguard your information and payments.

Safeguarding your payments

The first step is your payment to United Wardrobe. Once we received it, we send the seller your name and postal address (or the service point he nominated). When you have received the package and confirmed you want to keep it in the orderpage, we pay the seller.

If the package is not sent, you are refunded. This allows us to offer security for both the seller and the buyer.

We also work with a secure payment system and take steps to protect your personal and banking information.

Protecting your personal information 

We work very hard to make sure we protect your information. We therefore ask you to help us and not share your personal information on the platform with other users. Your real name or shipping address becomes available to the seller only after the purchase of an item. 

We understand that the public Comment area can sometimes make buyers uncomfortable. But we truly believe that there is no need to speak in private until you have bought an item. Sellers can respond to you in the comments, and add pictures to the advertisement if required.

It is possible that some users we call "scammers", ask you for personal informations, sharing banking information such as IBAN, Paypal and other personal data.

They may also ask to send money outside of our platform. This practice is forbidden for security and confidentiality measures and it is important to not respond to these users or share information with them. If you do share your information and decide to deal out of United Wardrobe, we will unfortunately not be able to intervene in case of a scam or a problem.

Safe use of your IBAN

Your IBAN will only be used to pay or refund you. This is the case if you sell a product, if your order is cancelled or if you return a product. Your IBAN is only visible to United Wardrobe. Users only have access to your name, as well as your address for the seller if you bought an item.

Besides, it is not possible for us to withdraw money from your bank account when your IBAN is in your account.

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