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How to return an item

You have received your order and part of all the items in the order are not up to your expectations? Then you may be able to return the order, just check here if your order match the return criteria before you read what follows. 

Fill in a return request

Go to Menu > My orders and select the order for which you would like to lodge the return request.

  • First, indicate that you have received the order (if it's not already done). Click on the button and a pop up box will ask you to confirm that you have indeed received the order, click "yes".
  • Two (2) buttons will then appear "Keep the product" and 'Return the product". Be very careful not to click on "Keep the product" otherwise the order will be finalised and the seller paid. We will not be able to reverse this.  
  • Click on "Return the product", this will take you to the return request form. It is critical to include as many details as possible about your reason for the return. You should also include 3 pictures that clearly show the issue(s). 
  • Once you have provided all the information, click on "Confirm the return request". Done !

Once lodged, your request will be sent to the seller who will have 72h (3 days) to respond.

  • If the seller accepts, you will have 3 days to send the order back 
  • If the seller rejects the requests, it will be forwarded onto us for review and we will decide to approve it or not within 72 hours
  • If the seller does not respond within the 72 hours, then your request will be automatically approved and will need to send the order back.
 If you do not lodge a return request within the 4 days after you received the order, the system will automatically assume that you are happy with it, finalise the order and pay the seller. We will not be able to reverse this.

Sending back the item(s)

Once your return request has been approved, you have 3 days to ship it back to the seller, at your cost.

It is your responsibility to choose the shipping method but we do strongly recommend one that has a Track & Trace code to safeguard your return. This also helps keep an eye on it and follow up with the seller as required. Please do not reuse the label the seller used to ship the order to you. The carrier will not be able to return it.

We will give you the return address provided by the seller but it is always best to confirm it with him/her. By default, we give you the home address of the seller and you will send the package to that address. You can discuss a service point with the seller via chat if you would like to use UPS/Mondial Relay. You can only send it to a pick-up point with confirmation of the seller.

Once this is confirmed, 

  • Pack the items to be returned. You can re-use the original packaging but make sure you remove all previous labels to avoid confusion. 
  • If you chose a shipping with Track & Trace, order the shipping label directly on the selected carrier's website and stick it on your parcel
  • Drop your package off at your closest service point or postal point

Remember to pass on the Track & Trace code to the seller via the chat.

Once the seller has confirmed on the UW app that he received his item(s) back, we will refund you. If the order is not finalised by the seller, you can email us the Track & Trace code. Once we see the package is delivered by the seller for two days, we can manually finalise your order and make sure you will receive your money back. 

Returning part of a bundle

If you ordered multiple items from the seller and you would like to only return some of them, you still need to lodge a return request. Please make sure you specify in the return request that you are returning only some of the items.

However, we will need to manually refund you some of the cost and pay the rest to the seller. If your request is approved, you need to contact our client service with the financial arrangement discussed with the seller. You can do so through the contact form, under Returns > Payment of returns.

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