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What can be returned

Once they indicate they have received their order, buyers have 4 days to confirm they want to keep it or lodge a return request for part of whole of the items in the order. You then have a right to accept or reject the return request.

If you reject the request, the request will be forwarded to UW for review and we will decide to accept it or not (note that our decision is final). 

We (UW) will agree with the buyer if:

  • the item does not match the pictures or the description
  • the item is broken/damaged
  • the item's size differs from the one advertised
  • the item's size is not available (e.g., no label anymore) and this was not mentioned in the advertisement
  • the items turns out to be a replica
When your item turns out to be a replica, we will confiscate it. Selling replica items is forbidden by law and punishable. We do not want to facilitate this. You can read our policy here.

On the other hand, we will agree with the seller if the item does not fit, or if it is not quite the right size. After all, this is the risk when buying second hand. 

In this case, we recommend buyers to put the product back online. If they liked it, someone else will probably like it too!


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