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Tips for buying

You'll find thousands of great items waiting to be added to your wardrobe! Explore with our search filters by choosing the brand, the size, the type of items and even the color then let yourself be guided by the many possibilities available to you. We also gathered below a few tips to optimize your experience!

Use our filters!

With our filter system you will find exactly what you are looking for. Are you on the hunt for a new coat for yourself, a new sweater for your partner or a new pair of shoes for your son? Simply set a filter for the right department to gain access to all the items that are available. You can set a filter for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Babies and Unisex. Each department has it's own categories and subcategories, this way you can narrow down your search. Found something good? Place it in your cart or add it to your favorites. You can then filter for a new department to continue your search! When you found everything you need, you can simply proceed to checkout and purchase all these items in one go.

Adding products to your favorites

If you like one of the items but you still doubt your purchase, then just add a "like". Then, you can find it directly from your account under the tab "my favorites". This way, you will get an update when the seller changes something in the advertisement, for example new pictures or a discounted price! If it is not sold out and you are ready to buy, nothing more than a click is required to add it to your basket and proceed to the payment.

Finding and following other users

You can search for other users by going to the search bar at the top of the screen. You can then click directly on "people" instead of "products", and enter the name of the person you are looking for. Do not forget to follow the person if you want to have updates on their products.

If you follow a user you will get updates about new items they add to their wardrobe. You will be the first to see!

Gathering information about the items

You can ask all the questions that go through your head in the "Comments" section of the item. All these comment will be public so feel free to read the other comments! You will get all the information you need before buying the item. You can ask for the invoice or any proof of authenticity if it is a luxury item, this is preferable and also secures you in your purchase.

Top sellers!

Some of our users are recognized and certified as our top sellers on UW. You will see a little badge on their profiles.

This means that this seller is one of the best on our platform! They comply with the rules of our platform and they send their parcels as soon as possible. You will probably find a little surprise inside your package at the reception (many of them do this), they have only and/or mainly excellent reviews and make our users the happiest of all our users.

It can also secure and comfort you in your choice to buy on this particular wardrobe. So, do not forget to follow this top seller to get the best items from our platform with a great quality service.

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