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What to find on the UW Outlet

To help sellers sell their items faster, we introduced the UW Outlet. When the items are not sold within a week, sellers get the opportunity to place their items in the Outlet. This means we will suggest a lower price and the item will have a appealing discount sticker.

The UW Outlet is the perfect way for you to find cheap bargains. The items in the Outlet have a discount from 50% up to 80%! Every day there are new items added to the Outlet, make sure you are ready at 19.00h!

Accessing the Outlet

The Outlet items will appear in your regular feed! You can recognize the item in the Outlet by the red sticker that displays the discount. The items will be in the Outlet for 3 days. After that, the sticker disappears and the item will be shown as normal. If you do not want to miss it, we advise you to add it to your favorites, or purchase right away!

On the hunt for bargains? You can also filter your feed so you will only see Outlet items! You can do so through the filters. When you scroll down you will see a filter that says 'Outlet', once you click it, you enter the magical place that is the UW Outlet! 

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