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Delivery via postage stamps

One of the options for sending your package is via postage stamps (1, 2 or 3 stamps). This option is only possible for small and light items up to a value of €20. If the item is more expensive, the option to send the product with stamps will disappear and it will only be possible to send the product in a letterbox package with Track & Trace or a package shipment. You can check the full list or shipping methods and corresponding prices here

Delivery timeframe

The seller has 5 days to ship the item to the buyer. When the item is sent with stamps, you often receive this within a few days.

However, sometimes things can go wrong and the shipment is delayed. We give packages sent with stamps 14 days to arrive at the buyer's house. If the package has not been delivered after 14 days, it may be that the package is lost. Therefore, always keep in touch with the other party.

If the package is not delivered after 14 days, please contact us (via the contact form below). Together we will look for a solution because we still manage your money.

Risks and Track& Trace

When you send a package with stamps, you cannot track it. This means that if the order is not delivered after 14 days, the carrier cannot start an investigation. 

But we understand that for orders with a low order value, you don't want to pay high shipping fees. This is why we offer you the option. Stamps prices will vary based on your country. 

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