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International shipping

United Wardrobe operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, France (excluding French overseas territories) and Germany. By default, your feed will first show you items from sellers in your country but we also give you access to items from the other ones. If you like one of the foreign items, feel free to buy them! This is as safe as domestic shipping. Keep in mind though that shipping fees will be higher and delivery will take longer.  

How to check if an item is domestic or foreign?

From the item's page, scroll down to the seller's information. If the seller is from another country, you will see a little country flag. Also, if you find that shipping fees are quite high (like 13€), then you are definitely buying from another country. 

Remember that you can always use the Country filter if you do not want to see and buy foreign items.   

What international shipping options are offered?

It will depend on the country you are in and where you are buying from. By default, we will use the local postal services (PostNL, Bpost, La Poste) but we do not yet provide the shipping labels. Sellers will have to pay for shipping and be refunded when you finalise the order. For orders coming from The Netherlands, UPS is also possible. Mondial Relay is offered for France-Belgium shipping (both ways). 

We can only guaranty transaction safety in the countries in which we operate. We understand that people from other countries may be interested in joining UW and it may be possible in the future because we really want to spread our vision to as many people/countries as possible. However, we strongly recommend that people from other countries do not order on our platform. If you do, then you will be responsible for paying any additional shipping fees required and UW will not be responsible if your order is lost.

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