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Orders troubleshooting

Got a question? Your order's shipping or delivery is not going like it should?  Then check out answers to common questions about it below.

I activated UPS or Mondial Relay but the option is not shown when I try to buy

How annoying ! This can however be due to a few reasons: 

1. You or your seller is not in a country that supports this delivery method.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet offer all delivery methods within and between all countries.  At the moment:

  • We only offer UPS for orders shipped from the Netherlands (shipped to the Netherlands or to other countries).
  • Mondial Relay is only offered for orders within the France-Belgium area (France to France/Belgium, Belgium to France/Belgium).

Outside of the above locations, orders will need to be shipped using the national postal services. Just make sure you ask the seller to use the label provided or buy one with Track & Trace.

2. Your seller has not activated the option or no longer has any valid service point

At checkout, our system will check what options were activated by the seller on their UW profile. If the seller has not activated specific delivery modes (e.g., Service point delivery, Buyer pick-up), we will only show you the national postal services (PostNL, BPost, La Poste).

It could also be because the seller no longer has a valid service point listed on his UW profile so we had to deactivate the option. UPS and Mondial Relay notify us when a service point is temporary or permanently closed, or when they are no longer part of the delivery company network. In this case we have to de-activate them from our platform so they cannot be selected by users and shipping labels can be properly created. Unfortunately, if all the service points have become invalid on a user's profile, we also deactivate the corresponding Service point delivery.

If any of the above happens, just ask the seller nicely in the item's comments to check whether the option is turned on in Menu > Settings > Delivery options. If this is turned off, the seller will just need to (re)activate it, our system will then ask him/her to set up a new service point. Once this is done, you be able to will see the option again.

3. The seller has not selected a compatible package type for your item

Sellers are responsible for selecting the proper package type for your item. This is based on your item's weight and dimension and is used by our system to calculate your shipping cost.

For UPS or Mondial Relay, sellers must select medium or large package type. If you see that shipping is the price of a stamps or two, then they have not selected the right package type.

Just ask them nicely in the item's comment section to modify this for you. 

I ordered more than 5 days ago and my order is still not shipped

How annoying ! Have you tried to contact the seller via the chat to check if/when he is planning on shipping your order? Let us know if if the seller does not respond after several attempts, we will give it a go.

If you no longer want to wait after the 5 days, you can then lodge a cancellation request to be fully refunded (Note: the admin fees will not be refunded if you paid for more than one order at the same time)

I made a mistake on my address, can I change it on my order?

Our system uses the address you nominated to calculate the shipping fees and to issue label if relevant. Therefore, it is not possible to change the address for that order via the UW app. 

You can however contact the seller in the chat as soon as you realise the mistake. If the order has not yet been shipped, the seller can potentially fix the address written on the parcel. 

Remember to change your address on your UW profile for subsequent orders though.

If we created a label for the order (Bpost, PostNL), then the seller will need to buy another label with your updated address. We will automatically pass onto him the fees you paid. Any additional shipping costs incurred because of your mistake will however be your responsibility.

The service point I selected when ordering is no longer available/closed for the holidays, can I change the label?

What a bummer ! Once the order is made, we cannot re-create the label. You however need to check and update your service point on your UW profile so this does not happen to future orders (via Menu > Settings > Addresses & service points).

As for your order, the seller will unfortunately need to buy another label with your new service point directly on the carrier's website and send us the shipping fees receipt. We will pass the fees you paid when ordering onto him and refund any extra shipping costs incurred.

Your order must not be shipped with PostNL/BPost/La Poste to a Mondial Relay or UPS service point. The order will otherwise get lost. Please make sure you discuss the shipping method and corresponding destination address in the chat.

The seller told me the shipping label failed because my address/service point is not valid, but it is.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to create a new label for orders in progress. The seller will have to buy a label off the carrier's website. Do not worry, we will make sure he is refunded. 

However, you can check the following for future orders.

Mondial Relay or UPS delivery: your service point may be temporarily closed and therefore Mondial Relay/UPS does not generate labels for this service point. Your service point may also be about to stop working with Mondial Relay/UPS. In this case, the store might still be open but we cannot send new orders there anymore. 

Please check on the carrier's website the status of your nominated service point. This will indicate if it is likely to open for future orders or not. 

PostNL/Bpost delivery with tracking: It is possible that your address is correct, but no shipping labels are created. In this case, it might be an issue with the shipping company. Please let us know when you have a situation like this, so we can help you solve the problem.

The shipping label failed and the seller is asking me to refund him the new shipping fees, is that normal?

No, this is not ! The seller needs to send us the receipt once he has bought a new shipping label. We will automatically pass on the fees you paid and refund any extra shipping fees incurred.

He must however buy a new label using the delivery mode you selected when purchasing the item. As mentioned above, your order must not be shipped with PostNL/Bpost/La Poste to a Mondial Relay or UPS service point. It will otherwise get lost. Please make sure you discuss the shipping method and corresponding destination address in the chat.

I mistyped my name/used a username when ordering, will my order be delivered?

Service points usually ask identity evidence before releasing the order. If your mistyped/fake name is close enough to your real one and you show them the app, they may accept it. 

If your order is to be delivered at your home address, it will depend on your country of residence. Some countries are more strict than others on this. 

If your order cannot be delivered/picked up at the service point, it will unfortunately be returned to the seller. Once the seller has the order back, you can then either:

  • ask the seller to ship it back to you with your real name (you will need to repay shipping fees),
  • or lodge a cancellation request and be refunded. 

I accidentally indicated that I received my order, but it is not the case. How can I reverse this?

Don't worry, if you have not finalised the order as well, the payment is still with us. However, you cannot reverse it via the UW app, you need to contact us as soon as possible so our system does not automatically finalise the order after 4 days.   

I cannot track my order via the app

Tracking is only available via the platform when we have issued the shipping label. This includes Mondial Relay, UPS, as well as some BPost & PostNL deliveries. 

In that case, you can track you order in Menu > My orders > Buy by clicking on the item and then "Track my product".

If tracking is not available this could mean:

  • Your order has not yet been shipped. Feel free to contact the seller in the chat to ask when he is planning on shipping your order.
  • The shipping label failed and the seller had to buy a new one. You will then need to track your order on the relevant carrier's website with the new Track & Trace code provided by the seller in the chat.
  • You selected postage stamps delivery which, by definition, cannot be tracked. However, some sellers do decide to include tracking so do not hesitate to ask them in the chat. You never know! 

My order was shipped more than a week ago and the Track & Trace status is unclear.

This is annoying but can happen.

  • If your order was shipped with Mondial Relay - you can contact their client service directly and ask them to investigate
  • If it was shipped with PostNL, or if the seller had to buy a Track & Trace (because the label failed, or you paid for postage stamp) - then contact the seller. He will need to get in touch with the carrier to open an investigation
  • If it was shipped with Bpost or UPS - then contact our client service so we can contact them.

My order was finalised but I did not receive it, what happened?

Our system automatically finalise orders 14 days after shipping dates if you have not contacted the seller in the chat or our client service over that period, despite the regular email and/or app reminders we sent you. This could mean that we have already paid the seller (especially if the order was finalised more than 24 hours ago). In that case, we cannot reverse the payment.

You can contact the seller in the chat to discuss the order location and ask for the Track & Trace code. If there is no Track & trace however, your order may have got lost and you can ask the seller for a partial refund. No guaranty that he'll agree though as you should have responded to reminders.

How many days will my order stay at the service point?

This will depend on the service point, how busy they are for example. Usually, packages will be available for pick up 7 to 14 days after they were dropped there by the carrier. 

If they are not picked up on time, they will be returned to the seller's service point. If you want your package reshipped, you will need to pay for shipping again.

We do send notifications when the package is ready to be picked up but it is important to keep an eye on your order's tracking so you don't miss out. 

I could not retrieve my order at the service point and it was returned to sender, now what?


Let the seller know right away in the chat and contact our client service (so we can prevent an automatic completion). Once the seller has the order back, you can either:

The Track & Trace indicates that my order has been delivered/left at my service point but I cannot find it.

Home delivery: Have you checked with your neighbours, concierge, or around your house and building entrance? Carriers sometimes leave it at a nearby address or in a slightly hidden place. 

If you have checked and still cannot find your order, contact the seller in the chat and see if he can open an investigation with the carrier to check where your order was left. 

Service point delivery: Did you provide the right name or Track & Trace code? If yes, then you will need to contact Mondial Relay, or our client service team if your order was shipped with UPS, to open a investigation. 

Keep in mind that investigation often take time and carriers need to be regularly followed up. We thank you in advance for your patience along this process.


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