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What can be returned

When you have received your order, you have 4 days to complete it or to fill in a return request. If you fill in a return request, the seller can accept or reject it. If it's rejected, we as United Wardrobe will judge the request. 

Accepted return request:

If the seller rejects the request, we (UW) will accept it if :

  • the item does not match the pictures
  • the item is broken/damaged
  • the item's size differs from the one advertised
  • the item's size is not available (e.g., no label anymore) and this was not mentioned in the advertisement
  • the items turns out to be a replica

If your return request was accepted, you have 3 days to send the item back to the seller.

When we approved your return request because it is a replica, please follow the instructions given to you in the return request! In this case, you will return the item to our office instead of the address of the seller. Read more here!

Rejected return request:

We will however agree with the seller and reject the return request when there is no valid reason for return. The following reasons are considered invalid:

  • The item does not fit
  • The item fits larger or smaller that the advertised size, but the advertised size is right.

When you fill in one of these reasons, we will reject the return request and pay out the seller. Unfortunately, this is a risk of buying second hand clothing online. 

If your request was rejected, our judgement will be final. Before purchasing something, you have agreed to our terms and conditions, which state that in case of a dispute, United Wardrobe will have the final judgement and decide which items can be returned. In these cases, we advise you to put the item back online and sell it to another buyer!


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