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Activating the holiday mode

When you are going on holiday or when you have a busy time ahead, you can activate Holiday mode in your account. This way, other users can't buy anything from you in the time you are not able to ship the items.

Find Holiday mode via Menu > Settings > Holiday mode and you can switch this on. Other users can see that you're temporarily absent and can't buy your items. When you're ready again to sell and send your items, you can switch Holiday mode off in the same way. You can turn this off and on as often as you want. 

With holiday mode enabled, receiving bids is also disabled.

Beware: any order or bids in progress will not be paused when you activate the holiday mode: 

  • Orders made before you activate the mode will still need to be shipped on time.
  • if a bidding process is already in progress when enabling holiday mode, buyers can still place counter-bids. 

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