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How does it work

Welcome, we are pleased to meet you!

United Wardrobe is a platform on which individual users can buy and sell secondhand clothing. By selling old or new secondhand clothing and shoes, you can easily earn money, make someone else happy with your items, and contribute to the environment. What's not to love about this? 

If you are ready to join our UW Fast Fashion Fighter community and give you fashion item a second life, check out key steps below: 

Creating an account

You need an account to be able to buy and/or sell. It is easy to set up and you ca modify your personal information at all times. If you want to sell, we need a bit of extra information than if you just want to browse and buy. For example, we will need your IBAN, so we know where we should transfer the money. Rest assured, we take protecting your data seriously and users will only have access to your name. Seller who need to ship your bought items, or buyers who return your items, will also be provided with your address.

Of course, every user can see your items once you've uploaded these. Buyers can make a bid or they can put the item in their cart and purchase immediately. 

Buying and selling

Buyers can use filters to browse through the hundreds of thousand items on our platform. Once they stumble upon one that they want, they can make an bidding offre, or add it to their cart and buy them right away.

When an item is sold (the buyer has paid for it), we will create the corresponding order and issue shipping instructions to the seller. Buyers are asked to pay for the item immediately, including shipping and administration fees but the money is first transferred to us at UW. We will keep it preciously while the item is on its way to his new owner.

When the buyer receive the item and wants to keep it, they must complete the order on our platform. Only then will we pay out the seller. As a buyer, you have the safety that you will get your money back if your order was not sent.  


The buyer selects the delivery methods and pays for the shipping costs (based on the seller's settings and the item's size) and, in most cases, we will provide a shipping label to the seller, in collaboration with the shipping company. This will allow the package to be tracked through our platform.

The buyer will mark the order as 'received' once the package is delivered. They then have 4 days to complete the order or fill in a return request (conditions apply).

If the order does not get completed and no return request is filled in, we will automatically complete the order 4 days after it was delivered. 

Being paid

A completed order means that we will pay out the seller. This will be automatic. As a seller, you will receive 90% or your set order price on the bank account nominated on your UW account. We keep the remaining 10% as service fee.

We will pay sellers within 24 hours after the order was completed. It can take up to 3 business days before you receive the money on your bank account, this has to do with the different banks. 

Ready to get started? 

This is how you can earn money by selling your secondhand clothes and how we offer a safe environment for the buyer to buy secondhand clothing online from private sellers!

Feel free to browse our Help Centre for more information. If something is not covered here, you can always contact our customer support team (via the contact form below). 

See you soon on UW!

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