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Shopping credit

You have received a shopping credit on your UW account but are not sure how to use it?

You would like to know how to get some more? Then this page is for you! 

How to get shopping credit

There are 3 ways that you can get shopping credit on your UW account: 

1. by inviting friends

By friends, we mean your actual friends, but also your colleagues, neighbours, family members and anyone else you know. You get €5 shopping credit for each person who accepts your invitation to join our UW community. 

We only have two rules :

  • First rule: you need to invite people who  
    • do not yet have a UW account 
    • have a UW account but have not sold or bought anything yet
  • Second rule: they need to finalise a purchase or sale of items worth €20 or more on UW (excluding shipping & admin fees) 

Easy right?  Then go to Menu, a nice "Invite a friend and earn €5" button will be waiting for you.

  • Click on it to send your invitations links via Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger or email.
  • Once a friend clicks on your link, accepts your invitation and registers on UW, he/she will get a welcoming €5 shopping credit on his/her new UW account.
  • When your friend makes the required purchase/sale (see 2nd rule above) you become eligible for €5 shopping credit. Beware that buying items from your wardrobe will not count though.
  • We transfer your €5 shopping credits onto you UW account as soon as you friend's order has been finalised. Note however that if your friend's order includes items from more than one seller, you will receive your €5 only when €20 worth of items purchased has been finalised. 

2. by adding items in your UW wardrobe 

You can get shopping credit when you add a item online. This promotion is only for Belgian, French and German users though. 

We will give you 20 cents per item added in your UW wardrobe, up to 50 items added (€10 shopping credit in total).

Once you have reached 50 items, you will no longer be eligible for the credit. But you can always invite more friends to join UW !

3. by participating in one of our promotions

That's right! We regularly have promotion days and some could include extra shopping credit. 

So remember to keep an eye on your emails and app notification so you so don't miss the chance to win some extra credits!

How to use shopping credit 

First, let's make it clear: you cannot transfer the credit onto your bank account.

This will be automatically be deducted from your total cost when you buy at least €20 worth of items on UW in a day, excluding shipping and admin fees. This means either:

  • buying one item of €20 or more,
  • or buying several items from various sellers in one transaction, with the sum of all items' prices over €20, 
  • or making several orders during the day and the sum of these orders reach €20 (the credit will be deducted from the last order made)
For the credit to be automatically deducted, you need to confirm your phone number. This can be done at Order payout, or via Menu > Settings > Phone number. We will send you a code via SMS to enter in our app.

How long is my shopping credit valid for 

Shopping credit is valid for 30 days from the date you last received credits on your account. 

But do not worry, we will send you reminders when you are getting close to the expiration date. Just make sure that you have allowed the app and email notifications. You might also want to check your junk mailbox.  

Keep in mind though that we will not reactivate your credit if it expires because we do notify you beforehand. But remember that you can always get more shopping credit

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