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Tips for selling

We want you to be a successful seller on our platform. That is how we make sure your unused clothing won't be thrown out but it will get a new life! Therefore, we gathered a few tips to help you sell your products as fast as possible.

Taking good pictures

It is important to add good pictures to your advertisement. You can upload up to 6 pictures per item. We advise you to have these pictures clearly show what your product looks like. A few thing potential buyers love to see is a picture of you wearing the item, pictures of the item in daylight and pictures of any damages that might be on the items.

A buyer can more easily guess if the item will fit them, if there is a picture of you wearing it. They can see what the item could look like on their body and make a guess if that is what they like. When you only have a picture of the item on a hanger or on the ground, it might be difficult to see the shape of the item.

To give the best possible color experience, it is wise to upload bright pictures that were (preferably) taken in daylight. When you add dark pictures to your advertisement, some small (yet important) details might not be visible. This could influence the expectation of the buyer.

When your item has obvious (or less obvious) damages, make sure these are visible in your pictures. We understand that your second hand clothing already had a great life with you as it's loving owner and that there might be signs of wear and small damages. It is important to inform the buyer upfront so there won't be any negative surprises, that is why we ask you to take clear pictures of any damages that might be present.

Adding items to the right department

When you add items to your wardrobe, you can choose between different departments. We have Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Babies and Unisex. When you add your item to the right department, your product is more likely to be found by the users who are looking for it! We have just improved our filtering system and our categories, that is why you can put your item in a very specific category and make sure it is described in detail.

Condition of the product

When you add an item, you can indicate its condition. There are 3 options: Mint condition, Near mint condition and Used. We made a few guidelines to help you with this:

  • Mint condition: You bought this item but when you took it home, it was not quite what you expected and you never wear it, what a waste! You can cell this item under Mint condition. With this option we address the clothes that you have never worn, might still even have the tags attached to it and have no signs of wear.
  • Near mint condition: With this option we address the items that were worn a few times, but are meant to make somebody else happy! These products have minimal to zero signs of wear and have no damages whatsoever. 
  • Used: These items have lived a great life being loved by you, but now there are ready to be loved by someone else! All your items that you have worn and have signs of wear can be sold as Used. Make sure that you clearly indicate any damages that might be on the items in the pictures of your advertisement, in the product description, or in the Comments. It is of no use to hide a missing button or a discoloration in your advertisement. When we see you did not describe and show the real state of the item, the buyer can return it.

 Some last advice, please make sure you send clean items to your buyer! You can understand the disappointment for a buyer when they get their new item and it is stained or really smelly.

Following other users

To create more visibility for your items, you can follow other users. When you follow another user, you will get updates when they place new items and get inspired! When you follow another user, they will get a notification and get the option to follow you back, or at least have a look at your wardrobe to check it for items they like!

Working with the seasons

This makes sense, and it is really important! You can sell your items way faster when you add them in (or right before) the right season. It is wise to dig through your summer clothes in May and select the items you want to sell. When you add your summer items in the summer, you have a bigger change of selling, since buyers will be looking for these items. The same goes for your wintercoat! At the end of summer everyone will gather items for their winter wardrobe and your coat might just be the right addition for somebody's wardrobe. 

Become a top seller!

Some of our users are recognized and certified as our top sellers on UW. You will see a little badge on their profiles.

This means that, as a seller, you are one of the best on our platform! You comply with our rules, send your parcels as soon as possible  and make our users the happiest of all our users. This secures and comforts buyers in their your choice to buy on your wardrobe.

You can definitely also become a top seller! The more, the better. We have set a few guidelines for this, if you follow these guidelines, you have the chance to become a top seller. 

  • You have sold over 100 products in the last 6 months
  • You are regularly active on our platform
  • You have more that a 1000 followers
  • Your reviews have an average of 5 stars
  • You do not sell replica

Top Seller badges is awarded (or removed) each month. Good luck!

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