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What can I sell on UW

Good to hear that you want to sell on United Wardrobe. United Wardrobe has over a million users so the chance that you'll sell fast is huge! But, United Wardrobe is a fashion marketplace. This means that we're all about clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, belt, jewelry, and many more fashion related accessories, for adults and children. We do accept cosmetic items (preferable barely used for this one) and mobile phone covers because they contribute to your amazing style.

Unfortunately, this also means that there are lots of things that we do not accept on our platform. Please find below additional information on what you can /cannot sell on United Wardrobe.

Due to the large volume of items being put on our platform each day, it is not yet possible for us to check every items. We therefore ask our seller to be mindful and respectful of our mission when selling. 


Yes! We love vintage and we would love to see you sell vintage on United Wardrobe. We have multiple vintage accounts on our website, which are selling really well!

Handmade items

You can also sell handmade items on United Wardrobe. You can just address this in the advertisement. Make sure you do not redirect to your own webshop or another platform to buy these items, since that is not allowed.

Customized items

Do you want to get started with customized items? Then make sure you always use your own photos. It is not allowed to use examples from other sellers or to get them from other selling websites. It is also not smart to put a photoshop version online.

With personalized sneakers or clothing it is important to show the customer what he / she will receive. So make sure you are uploading good and real examples! If the item does not match the pictures and description, buyers will be allowed to return it.

Also, make sure your customized items do not mix up 2 brands even if you have authenticity evidence for it all (e.g., Real Nike sneakers customized with Louis Vuitton material and logo). They definitely look gorgeous and unique but this can still be seen as counterfeit.


On United Wardrobe it's forbidden to sell replica items. This applies to shoes, clothing, accessoiries or cosmetics. Buying and selling replica is not allowed by the law, and therefore also not on United Wardrobe. It is still forbidden when the seller notified the buyer on forehand. When we see that you are selling replica items, we will have to block your account.

Make sure you always have proof of authenticity for your items (a picture of the serial number, the  invoice or certificate), in that way we don't have to block your products incorrectly.

No more VIP Gifts

These are intended by the big brands to reward loyalty (e.g., Chanel). They are obviously crafted with the same care and high-end materials as any other items from the brands even if they are not meant to be sold (check out our blog about VIP gifts)

Unfortunately, we have noticed that a large number of cheap replica versions were sold on our platform. We are therefore no longer allowing the sale of VIP gifts on UW. Accounts that sell VIP gifts will receive a warning or will be blocked.

Non fashion related items

United Wardrobe is a fashion marketplace. Everything that is not 'fashion' will be removed from the platform. You can think of: 

  • books, mangas, 
  • toys, 
  • electronic devices (phones, phones chargers, headphones, curling irons, etc.),
  • video games 
  • cars, skatebords or any other transportation mode, 
  • your grandma's cutlery or any other home items (frames, candles, tables, etc).

Lucky for you, there are plenty other marketplaces where you can sell this kind of stuff! When we spot this kind of items, they will be removed. 

Bulk items

United Wardrobe supports re-using the clothing that already exists. You can give it a new life and reduce the demand for new clothing, which has a huge impact on our environment. It does not comply with our vision to buy items in bulk online and resell them in huge quantities on United Wardrobe. We are working on clear guidelines about this so stay tuned. 

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