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Contacting/replying to a buyer

You need to talk to a buyer/potential buyer about an item that they are interested in or you would like to check if your order has been received? Then this section is for you. 

How to contact buyers will depend on whether:

How to contact a buyer about an item for sale

We strongly recommend buyers contact you to ask about your item(s) for sale. This allows them to make sure there will be no surprises when they receive the item and avoir return requests or bad reviews. It can also help you ensure you have provided all the required information and add some as needed (e.g., which fabric are items made of, exact length of a belt, etc) . 

It is however not possible to send a private message to potential buyers at this stage. All answers to their questions must be posted in the item's "Comments" section located below the pictures and price, visible by all users.

If you need to show them more pictures, just add them to the item's advert.

This allows all users to get the same information and prevents you from repeating yourself too often.

You can also use this section to invite other users to check out your newly posted item. Simply tag them (typing the "@" symbol before their name to access the list of users) so they get a notification.

If buyers would like to negotiate the price, they can always make you an offer via their "Make an offer" button (next to their "Buy now" button). You will receive it and be able to accept or reject it. This could be easier than to go back & forth in the Comments section.

Beware however that you first need to activate this option, otherwise buyers will not be able to see the button and may ask you if you are willing to negotiate.

 As you can answer questions via the Comments section and add pictures (including copies of receipt or authenticity certificates), there is no need to exchange personal information such as email, phone, social network user IDs, etc. Therefore, we will not accept responsibility for any transactions made outside of our platform.

How to contact a buyer about an order

After your item has been sold and the order created, you might still want to contact the buyer. For example:

  • The buyer selected a delivery via postage stamps or the shipping label failed and you would like to let the buyer know when you have shipped the item and provide a Track & trace,
  • You need to clarify the buyer's address,
  • A return request has been approved and you need to confirm return details with the buyer, or ask for the Track & Trace
  • Your order has not yet been delivered, or it has been delivered but the buyer forgot to indicate it on the UW app.

This is why, as soon as your order is created, a private chat opens between you and the buyer. 

You can access it in Menu > My Orders > Sold. You will need to click on the talking bubble at the bottom right corner of the item's picture.

You can also access it from the order confirmation email we sent you. It should contain a button that takes you straight into your private chat !

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