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Reviews on UW

When you have made a sale, the buyer will have the opportunity to write a review after completing the order. Buyers can use this to exchange experiences with each other about how the experience was with you as a seller. This information can be very useful for buyers and for you: consistent good and positive reviews can encourage other users to buy something from you!

The reviews are displayed in your wardrobe as stars and an average of all reviews will be shown. When you click on the number of reviews, all reviews are visible. You can also see explanations provided by buyers. 

Unfortunately, you cannot respond to a review at the moment.  

What to do when receiving a bad review

It happens that users leave a bad review even though you think you have done all that was possible to make it a nice experience. Keep in mind that United Wardrobe does not remove user reviews.

If you have received a review that you do not agree with, we recommend that you contact the buyer in the chat. You can then ask him/her to adjust the review. However, remember that the buyer has in all likelihood had a negative experience with you as a seller. It is therefore advisable to take this feedback into consideration!

Have you contacted the buyer, do they not want to change and do you think it is not fair? Then United Wardrobe will only remove a review if it meets the conditions below. 

  • The review does not reflect the personal experience of the buyer discussed in the chat
  • The review is deceptive
  • Personal information is shared in the review
  • The review is in violation of laws and regulations. This also includes offensive, discriminatory or offensive texts.
  • The review is about a rejected return request by United Wardrobe.

If this applies to your received review, please contact us. We will take a look and make a decision whether to remove or not to remove a review. This decision is however final and cannot be changed.

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