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Activating the Mondial Relay/UPS mode

Activating the service point delivery gives your buyers a cheaper and safer alternative to standard postal service delivery. Service point delivery is done by UPS for orders shipped from the Netherlands, but by Mondial Relay for order shipped within the France-Belgium area.

Activating service point delivery 

You can activate Mondial Relay or UPS in Menu > Settings > Delivery options. You will be asked to indicate which pick-up point you would like to use by default. This is required if an order is returned to sender.

Please make sure you then go through the items in your wardrobe. The package type must be either "medium" or "large" for the option to be offered to buyers. (The "small package" with 1, 2 or 3 stamps is only for postal services, without Track & Trace.)

As soon as you activate this, buyers can opt for a pick-up point delivery (Mondial Relay, UPS) or home delivery (PostNL, BPost, La Poste). The buyer will confirm his/her pick-up point when ordering so we can generate the shipping label available in Menu > My orders > Sold (also emailed to you).

If your service point has changed but the shipping label has already been generated, don't worry, you can still ship your order with this by going to another point. Note however that if the order is returned to you, it will be sent back to the original point.

Good luck selling! 

Adding/modifying a service point 

If your service point has changed or is (temporarily) closed, you will need to update this on your profile so shipping labels have the latest information. Also, if the service point is permanently closed, we will not be able to generate shipping labels.

You can add or modify a service point in Menu > Settings > Addresses and service points

If you would like to delete a service point, first make sure that it is not your point by default. If so, you need to select another point by default, so the "delete" button appears on the old service point.

If your default service point is no longer valid, we will automatically change it to the next service point in your profile. However, if all your service points are no longer valid (temporary or permanently closed), we will automatically de-activate the Service point delivery option from your profile, and send you a message about it. To continue offering this option, you will need to reactivate it and set up a new service point.

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