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Activating the Buyer pick-up mode

You want to sell items and buyers do not want to wait for shipping ? Then the Buyer Pick-up is for you! 

With this delivery mode, you can allow buyers who are close by to just come and pick up your item in person. That means no shipping fee for the buyer and no risk of having your items delayed during delivery.

Interested? Then read on!

How it works

This can work two ways, as long as both you and buyers have activated the Buyer pick-up/Location search option (see How to activate/deactivate the Buyer pick-up option below)  :

1.  A buyer can search an item by location, within a radius set by the buyer (up to 10km radius). 

  • Your items that match the buyers' criteria and search perimeter will appear in his/her feed. 
  • When the buyer decides to buy your items, the Buyer pick-up option will be selected by default (but the buyer can always change the shipping option before he/she finalises the payment)

2. Otherwise, if a buyer has found your item through the usual feed/search parameters, they will be offered the Buyer pick-up option if your item is within their selected area.


Once the buyer has ordered and paid UW for your item: 

  • A private chat will open between you and him/her to arrange the pick-up location and date/time within 5 days following the order. Note that we will not share your address with the buyer, you will need to discuss with him/her the meeting point.
  • Once the pick-up happened, the buyer will need to confirm it on the UW platform.
  • The buyer then has 4 days to confirm that he is happy and finalise the order so we can pay you. 

If the buyer unfortunately decides to return the item, the same rules and process obviously apply. 

So, ready to offer this delivery mode to your buyers? 

How to activate/deactivate the Buyer pick-up option


  • Go to Menu > Settings > Delivery options and select "Buyer pick-up".
  • Choose the pick-up address of reference, for example your home address. This will be used to match you with buyers' search areas. You default address is automatically selected but you can change it by clicking on it. You will be able to select another of your listed addresses or adding a new one.
  • Once you are happy with your address of reference, just save your selection and you're set! 

Just as easily, if you are away for a while or no longer wants to offer the Buyer pick-up, you can deselect it from Menu > Settings > Delivery options. 

Of course, if you go on holiday, you can just activate the holiday mode  and the buyers will not be able to buy your items in your absence. 

How to change the pick-up address of reference

If you have a new address or you decide to offer the Buyer pick-up option from somewhere else (from your work address instead of your home for example), then you will need to deactivate and re-activate the option in Menu > Settings > Delivery options to access the address selection page. 

You will also be able to check and modify the address of reference right after you have added a new item.

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