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Seller safety on UW

United Wardrobe was created to make buying and selling second-hand clothing safe! We do everything to guarantee safety to buyers and sellers.

At United Wardrobe, buyers first pay United Wardrobe and we hold the money until the buyer has received it. You will be paid when the buyer has received the package in good order and indicates this in the app. However, the seller may be dealing with inactive or unfair buyers, which is why we have established guidelines to offer protection to sellers. This depends on the different shipping methods that you can offer. 

  • You are protected as a seller at United Wardrobe if you have proof that you sent your order with Track & Trace code (this is the Track & Trace code and the proof of shipment that you receive when you ship the package).
  • You are however not protected as a seller if you send the package with stamps or when you did not use the Track & Trace code/shipping label we provided and are unable to provide proof of shipment. The buyer is then always entitled to a full refund in the event of no delivery or a lost package.

So keep in mind that you are responsible for the shipping method that you offer.

Shipping with Track & Trace

As a seller we provide seller protection if there is a Track & Trace code. This means that we will always pay you if you suffer from inactive or unfair buyers. The Track & Trace and the proof of shipment for United Wardrobe is the leading factor. Make sure you save it or take a photo, so you always have proof that you sent it!

You can follow the status of your shipment in the app, in My orders. If the Track & Trace code indicates that the package has been delivered, it will automatically be 'received' in the app. After that, the buyer has 4 days to approve the order or submit a return request. If the buyer does not state anything, the order will be automatically set to "completed" after 4 days and you will be paid.

Shipping with Track & Trace but the buyer says it did not arrive? 

It is possible that the buyer says that the package has not arrived. If you have sent it with Track & Trace and it indicates that the package has been delivered, we will assume this. We will therefore always pay you as a seller. This is because you have proof that you sent it.

It can also happen that you have sent the package with the Track & Trace code, but that there is a lack of clarity. This may mean that the Track & Trace code, for example, does not give an update, the package is returned or cannot be delivered. If this is the case, we recommend that you contact the shipping company. Unfortunately, we don't have more information about the shipment. It is also advisable to communicate this to the buyer in the chat.

If you can not find out if the shipping company indicates that the package has been lost, please contact United Wardrobe. We are happy to look together for a suitable solution for both parties.

Keep in mind that if something goes wrong with the package's shipment, you always have proof that it has been sent with a Track & Trace code. 

Postage stamps delivery

As a seller, you can also choose to send the product with stamps. This is only possible for light and small items with a maximum value of €20.

If you choose to offer this option to buyers, you will not have seller protection from United Wardrobe. You can not follow this package with a Track & Trace code and therefore can not start an investigation. If the buyer indicates that he has not received anything, you are not insured for this and the buyer is entitled to a refund of the full amount. However, we understand that sellers want to take this risk when the order value is low, so the possibility is there.

If the buyer does not let us know after 14 days whether the package has actually been received, we can complete the order manually. We can't do this before 14 days because we always give letterbox packages 14 days to be delivered. If this is the case, please contact us.

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