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Payment troubleshooting

There could be a few reasons why you did not get paid after your order has been received. You're definitely entitled to your payment and we will of course make sure you do. But first, check out usual reasons for delayed payments below.

The order has been received but is not yet finalised 

Unfortunately, knowing that the order is received is not enough to trigger the payment. The buyer must confirm on the UW app having retrieved the order and then that he/she wants to keep it.

Keep in mind that an order dropped off at a service point does not count as "received" because the buyer is yet to go get it.

  • If we have provided the shipping label, we have sent notifications to the buyer but you can also contact him/her in the chat to check when the order is likely to be picked up. We will then notify you as soon as the order has been retrieved by the buyer (this is automatically updated on the UW app). 
  • If we have not provided the label, you should let the buyer know in the chat when the order is left at a service point. They will then need to manually update the UW app once they have picked up the order.

Then, the buyer will have 4 days to check the item(s) and decide to keep the order or lodge a return request. If the buyer does not make a decision after these 4 days (despite our daily reminders), our system will finalise the order and pay you.

Once this is done, we process your payment within 24 hours and you should see it on your bank account within few days.

Payment timeframes

Yes, we transfer the money to you within 24 hours after the order is finalised. The day that you receive this money however, depends on your bank. It can take up to 3 business days before you see the amount on your bank account. We advise you to take this into consideration!

Wrong IBAN

Did you check the IBAN listed on your account? Is this a wrong or old IBAN? If so, please update it via Menu > Settings > IBAN and then contact us. We will check if the money was transferred back to us.

  • If yes then we will resend, this time on your new bank account
  • if not, you will unfortunately need to contact your bank to coordinate a transfer from your old to new account

Weekend delay

Did we transfer the money to your IBAN on a Saturday or Sunday? The bank will transfer this money on Monday. In the weekend the banks do not process any payments, that is why it will happen on Monday. Unfortunately, we can't change that. When we transferred the money in the weekend, you will receive it between Monday and Thursday!

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