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Selling on UW Outlet

When your items are not sold after 7 days, you will have the opportunity to place your items in the United Wardrobe Outlet! Your items will have a 25% better chance to sell with better visibillity and a lower price. The Outlet is the fastest way to sell your items.

How it works

If your item is not sold after 7 days, they will become eligible for the Outlet. You will get a notification saying that you can add your items. You can also do so directly from your wardrobe (a banner will appear at the top). 

If you do this, United Wardrobe will set a new price for your item based on best prices for similar items sold on our platform. This Outlet price is non negotiable. When you accept the new price, your item will be added to the Outlet at 19.00h  and will be boosted on users' feeds for 3 days. If your items are not sold within 3 days in the Outlet, they will no longer be tagged and boosted in the feed (the red sticker will be gone) but the outlet price will stay. You can edit this price again. 

If you refuse the new price, your item will remain in your wardrobe, unchanged. If you change the price of an item in the Outlet, it will be taken out of the Outlet.

When you did not sell your item in the Outlet, no worries, you will be able to add them to the Outlet again after 7 days :)

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