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Selling counterfeits, replicas and 1:1

It is forbidden to sell replica (counterfeit or 1:1). This is punishable by law and therefore clothes, shoes or accessories that are not authentic are not allowed on United Wardrobe. Our teams daily check items and block those that do not respect our mission. If we notice an account repeatedly adding replica, we are forced to block this account.

However, with the volume of items being put on our platform each day, it is not yet possible for us to check the authenticity of all items. We therefore ask our users to be mindful and respectful of our mission when putting items for sale on our platform. Please see below some more information about what to do to help us against replicas. 

Not selling replica

As a buyer, it can sometimes be hard to determine if an item is authentic or not based on pictures. It is therefore critical for you as a seller to provide as much evidence of your item's authenticity as possible. We strongly advise you to include a picture of the serial number, the invoice or the authenticity certificate on your items' advert so all users (and our teams) can see it.

You should also make sure you clearly and respectfully reply to users' questions in the Comments section and add any pictures they may ask for. 

If we do contact you for additional evidence, just take it as a gesture of faith. Send us the relevant information as soon as possible so we can put your item back online quickly. 

As you can answer questions via the Comments section and add pictures (including copies of receipt or authenticity certificates) to the advertisement, there is no need to exchange personal information such as email, phone, social network user IDs, etc. Therefore, we will not accept responsibility for any transactions made outside of our platform. 

Reported replica

Due to the large volume of new items each day, we count on our UW community to help us identify and remove replicas from our platform. This is why we have put a system in place with which your items can be reported as replica to us.

We will go through this list daily, block the item and contact you for additional evidence. This is not personal, we just want to avoid an item being sold while we check it. Just send us the required evidence as soon as possible, we will check it and to put your item back online if we made a mistake.

To avoid these situations though, we strongly advise you include as much evidence as possible directly in your item's advert. This way, users will not need to report it. 

Replica sold

Buyers must indicate right away when they have received your item. However, they have 4 days to check that all is in order and then confirm that want to keep your item, or lodge a return request. We definitely ask them to use this time to the fullest to check the order. If it turns out that your item is a replica, we will always approve their return request. If you continue to sell replicas, your account will be permanently closed. 

When we have approved a return request due to replica, the item will be send to our office and not back to you. We will check the item to see if it's fake or not. If it's fake, we are forced to confiscate it. It is illegal and punishable to sell replica items, we do not want to facilitate the selling of these items. You will not receive your replica item back.

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