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When you place your item on United Wardrobe you can indicate that bidding is allowed for this item (you do so in the second step of adding a item). When you receive and accept a bid, you will be paid for 90% of the accepted bid. The buyer places a bid excluding shipping costs. 

In addition to a bid, users can also place a bundle bid. This is set as standard, but you cannot see this in your wardrobe/account yourself. Users can then select two or more items from your wardrobe and place a total bid. So if someone buys multiple items from you, you can give a discount!


Have you received an offer but do you not agree with the price? No problem, you can make a counter offer. The buyer receives a notification with your counter-offer. He can then accept this bid or again, make a counter offer. Hopefully you will agree on a correct selling price together. Reverse bids are possible with bids and bundle bids.

Do you not want to do anything with a received bid? Then you can ignore the bid. You cannot delete the bid. An unaccepted bid expires automatically after 72 hours.

My buyer does not pay for the bid

AS soon as an offer as been accepted, the item is marked as sold (so no one else buys it) and the buyer is required to finalise the payment so we can create the order. Unfortunately it can happen that a bidder does not pay the accepted bid. Of course we find that annoying as we try to inform bidders as much as possible about the fact that accepted bids are binding.

If it happens that a bidder does not pay, you can cancel the bid after 48 hours. The product will then be available for sale again. 

Do you want to cancel the offer within 48 hours? Contact us with a good reason.

Shipping costs for a bundle bid 

If you have accepted a bundle bid, our system will estimate how much the shipping costs will be. The buyer then pays for this during checkout. With multiple items, our system will automatically convert a small package into a large package. As a seller you don't have to do anything. You can simply use our label and send the package at no cost to you.

If our system has made a wrong estimate, please let us know! You will unfortunately need to purchase a label yourself. But don't worry, we will of course reimburse the extra cost.


Private chat is not possible until an item has actually been paid for by the buyer (and the order is created). Therefore, even if you have received an offer, you cannot chat with the buyer until the offer is accepted and payment has been made. If the bid or counter bid has not yet been accepted, you can still respond in the comment section. If the bid/counter offer has been accepted, it is no longer possible to get in touch with the buyer.

Accepted bid but no created order

The bidder has 48 hours to complete the payment of an accepted offer. Only when that is done will you receive the order confirmation email and shipping instructions. If no payment has been made after 48 hours, you will have the right to cancel the bid and put the item back for sale. It is of course, also possible to wait a little longer. We automatically send reminders to the bidder for you.

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