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Shipping methods

Buyer is paying for the cost of shipping. In order to do so, you as the seller need to select the delivery option that you agree to and package sizes when adding a product in your wardrobe. This will be critical to calculate the shipping fees paid by the buyer and preventing you from paying anything.

Shipping modes available

By default, it is always possible to get your package delivered to the buyer's home address. In each country, we work with a local shipping company to arrange this. This is PostNL for the Netherlands, BPost for Belgium and La Poste for France. You cannot opt-out of this option (Buyer can always select it) but you can make sure they pay for Track & Trace by selecting the right package type.

Otherwise, you can chose to offer the following delivery modes to the buyer. You will first need to activate them before we can present them to the buyer at checkout.

  • Delivery to a service point: this is usually a bit cheaper and always include Track & Trace. We will provide a shipping label which means you do not have to pay a cent!  Your order will be left at a pick-up point selected by the buyer. This can be useful to buyers if they are not home often enough to open the door to carriers. 
  • Buyer pick-up: this mode if free to buyers (they still need to buy the item through the platform). The buyer can meet you somewhere and pick-up the order straight from you. Only buyers within 50km of your reference address will be offered this option at checkout.

Which package types for your items

Small, medium or big packages ? Choosing the right type isn't always easy. To select the right option, we have provided below a breakdown of what they cover we advise you to use kitchen scale.

  • Small packages is the stamp option. It's for very small packages such as envelops. This does not include Track & Trace and cannot be used for Mondial Relay/UPS modes.
  • Medium packages is when your product weight from 100gr to 2kg. This option is perfect for shirts or jeans.
  • Larges packages is for bigger and heavier product that weight from 2kg to 10 kg, you should select "large packages" option for a jacket or pairs of shoes.
  La Poste (FR) Bpost (BE) PostNL (NL) UPS (NL) Mondial Relay (FR & BE)
  Weight Cost Weight Cost Weight Cost Weight Cost Weight Cost
1 stamp 0-20gr 0,88 € 0-50gr 0,95 € 0-20gr 0,87 € - - - -
2 stamps 20-50gr 1,76 € 50-100gr 1,90 € 20-50gr 1,74 € - - - -
3 stamps 50-100gr 3,52 € 100-350gr 2,85 € 50-100gr 2,61 € - - - -
Medium package


6,95 €
100gr - 2kg
6,20 €
2kg max 3,90 €
100gr - 10kg
3,50 €
100gr - 500gr 2,88 FR 3,20 BE
Large package 500gr-2kg 8,80 € 10kg max 6,50 € 500gr - 2kg 3,78 FR 3,40 BE


I selected a wrong package type, what to do?

Before your product is sold, you can always modify the package type. You just need to go a the product page and click on the "edit" button.

When your product is sold, you can't change the package type anymore. Discuss with the buyer in your chat. Because it's your mistake, you will have to pay the difference. Here are the step to follow: 

  1. Buy a shipping label (online or at the post service point)
  2. Post your item and communicate the tracking and trace code to the buyer in your chat
  3. You will be refund of the cost that the buyer paid, once the order is confirmed.

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