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Shipping with Track & Trace

Wow! You've sold something on United Wardrobe, that's great! Depending on which option you have activated, the buyer has chosen a delivery method for the shipping and paid the corresponding fees.

Some of these delivery methods offer Track & Trace. This allows you to check when your order is about to be delivered (and potentially warn the buyer). This also means that if your order takes longer than expected to arrive, the carrier can open an investigation to try and locate it (and potentially speed up delivery).  

But before the package arrives at the buyer, it's going on a journey. We'll explain down below what has to happen after an item gets sold.

Which delivery modes come with Track & Trace

Track & Trace code is automatically included for any delivery where we (UW) provide the shipping label. This includes Mondial Relay, UPS, Bpost and PostNL. In this case, the tracking can be done directly via our platform.

For delivery with La Poste (or Colissimo), we do not provide a shipping label, however if you selected the right package type, prices will automatically take Track & Trace into consideration. You will need to pay shipping fees with Track & Trace and give the code to the buyer in the chat (so you can track your order on the carrier's website). We will pass on to him what you paid as soon as the order is finalised.

If you chose small package type with 1, 2 or 3 stamps, there will not be any Track & Trace (this usually is the case with PostNL, Bpost or La Poste shipping fees under 3,50€) and the buyer will not be able to chose another delivery method. Make sure you select medium or large package type for your items if you want buyers to pay for Track & Trace.  

How to ship your order (with a shipping label)

  • With Mondial Relay, UPS and Bpost: We will provide you with the shipping label by email. You can also download and print it from Menu > My orders > Sold. You then just need to stick it on your package (well packed) and drop it at the relevant post office or service point. 
  • With PostNL: We will also provide you with the label by email and in Menu > My orders > Sold.  You can print the label and stick it on the package, or you can show your label from your phone at the drop of point.

With shipping labels, you should not need to pay any shipping costs. In addition, orders' status will automatically update to "Sent" once the package has been scanned at the post office or service point. This can however take up to 24 hours to be updated on our platform. You should therefore keep an eye on it and warn the buyer. This step is critical as without it, the buyer cannot finalise the order which means we cannot pay you!

If the label failed to generate, or if the buyer asked for delivery with La Poste, you will need to buy the shipping label directly on the carrier's website, manually indicate when the order is shipped, and provide the Track & Trace code to the buyer in the chat. But don't worry, we will pass onto you the fees paid by the buyer as soon as the order is finalised.  

Packing your item(s)

Once you've sold an item, look at the shipping method en grab your item, put it in a box or in a solid envelope and make sure it's properly closed, especially when you ship fragile items like perfume, jewelry or sunglasses. The mailmen are not always that careful with the packages, so make sure it can handle a bumpy ride!

How to track your shipment

If we have provided a shipping label, go to Menu > My orders and click on the item to open the order page, then on the "Track my item" button to access the tracking status. 

If the label failed to generate, or if the order is shipped with La Poste, you will need to track your order directly on the carrier's website using your Track & trace code.

Delivery timeframe 

It will usually take few days to get to the buyer but it may take up to 2 weeks (or 3 weeks for international shipping). If the shipment hasn't been received within 14 days, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team. They're available every day to help you sort this out!   

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