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Shipping via postage stamps

One of the options available to buyers for sending your package is via postage stamps (1, 2 or 3 stamps). This option is only possible for small and light items up to a value of €20. If the item is more expensive, the option to send the product with stamps will disappear and it will only be possible to send the product in a letterbox package with Track & Trace or a package shipment. You can check the full list of shipping methods and corresponding prices here.

How to ship

The buyer selected postage stamps because you chose "small package" (with a number of stamps) when adding your product to your wardrobe. In this case, we do not provide a shipping label. This means that you will need to pay for the relevant postage costs. But do not worry, we will pass on to you the fees paid by the buyer as soon as the order is finalised. 

Even though there is no shipping label, we will provide you with the name and address nominated by the buyer when purchasing your item. You will received it via email but you can also access it from Menu > My orders > Sold. Please don't hesitate to check that these are correct (buyers sometimes overlook these). This will avoid having your order returned to you because the address or the name is incorrect. 

Also make sure you write down your return address on the package so your order can be returned to you and not get lost in case of error.

How to pack

Your order is sold, congratulations! Now it's time to package your item(s). Be sure to pack your item(s) in sturdy packaging material, especially when you ship fragile items like perfume, jewelry or sunglasses. This way you did everything in your power to make sure that your order will arrive safely and without any damage. 

Shipping cost

When you go to the order in your United Wardrobe app (via Menu > My orders), you can check how much shipping fees were paid by the buyer. Make sure you use enough stamps for your package to be shipped. 

The fees paid by the buyer will be transferred to you once you get paid for the order. 

Remember that you can always check and modify package type for your unsold items (from your wardrobe). These package types will be based on the weight and size of the item(s) and will be used to determine shipping methods and prices. 

We never offer alternate shipping methods for postage stamps because you specifically selected 1, 2 or 3 stamps when putting your item online. Buyers have no choice but to select this option. Therefore you cannot refuse to sell your item. If you made a mistake and the cost of shipping is higher, this will be your responsibility but you can always discuss options with the buyer in the chat.

Risks and Track & Trace

When you send a package with stamps, you cannot track it. This means that if the order is not delivered after 14 days, the carrier cannot start an investigation. This also means that you will not be insured by us if your order gets lost.

But we understand that for orders with a low order value, you want to give this option to buyers. Stamps prices will vary based on your country.  

If possible though, we recommend using Track & Trace. You can get one when shipping your item (at your expense), or make sure you select the right package type when putting your item online (this cannot be modified once your item has been sold).

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