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When & how to get shipping costs refunded

When it comes to shipping, it's good to know how it works with shipping costs and who pays for them. In this article, we will bring you up to speed about this.  

How are shipping costs determined? 

Shipping fees are paid by the buyer when he purchase your item(s). However, as a seller, you are responsible for providing the information our system needs to calculate these fees.

Beside the destination and expedition addresses, shipping cost is determined based on the sizes and weight you provide for the items you put up for sale. If you don't make a good estimation/calculation on the size and weight the calculated shipping fees may end up being too low for the actual shipment. United Wardrobe will not reimburse these fees. So make sure to fill in these details correctly.  

Shipping when the label failed

For all orders shipped with Track & Trace code, our systems creates a shipping label automatically so you don't have to pay shipping fees. But for various reasons (invalid address, invalid country, invalid pickup point), it could happen that a shipping label is not created. In that case, you as a seller need to purchase a new shipping label. 

What to do in these situations?

You will unfortunately need to pay the relevant shipping costs. The buyer has paid for it, so we will automatically transfer it to you after the order is completed, at the same time as we pay you for the order. Pay attention to the shipping label that has been paid, for this can be a Mailbox package label (about 4€) or a Standard package (about 6.95€). For shipping to another country, this can be around 13€. 

You need to order a shipping label via the website from the shipping company that has been chosen for the specific order (PostNL/UPS/BPost/Mondial Relay).

If needed, you can check the buyer's correct address or service point in the chat. After you arranged all this, if the fees you paid are higher than what we will pass onto you, send us the receipt of the shipping label and the track & trace code, together with the order number. Be sure to also send the track & trace code in the chat to the buyer.

Please do not use PostNL/BPost/LaPoste to ship your order to a Mondial Relay or UPS point. Otherwise the order will likely get lost or be returned to you.

Shipping costs reimbursement timeframe

We will automatically pass onto you the shipping costs paid by the buyer, together with the payment for the order (when the order is finalised).

If you had to pay more than that, we will manually refund the difference as soon as we receive the receipt. Keep in mind though, since this reimbursement is a manual payment it can take up to 7 days before it's visible in your bank account. The payment for the order itself should be on your bank account 1-3 days after the payment is made.  

Postage Stamp Delivery

Some items can be shipped using postage stamps. For these shipments, there is no Track & Trace code available. You will need to pay the costs upfront for the postage stamps, we will automatically pass on the shipping fees paid by the buyer with the payout. 

How much is paid for?

Go to Menu > My orders and click on the item you need to ship. You can view the amount that is paid for by the buyer. This is how you know about which amount you need to buy postage stamps.  

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