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UW welcomes parents!

At United Wardrobe, we are committed to make second-hand fashion the norm and that includes the whole family! Children and babies outgrow their clothes rapidly and we understand this can be quite a logistical, and sometimes economical, challenge for parents who are usually left with a lot of unused clothes from their children.

So why not buy and sell them on United Wardrobe? That's why we are officially opening up to kids and baby clothing, shoes and accessories on our platform! We want to offer you, as a parent, a safe environment to buy and sell your whole family's fashion items. We truly believe that together we can make an impact on the environment and build a better future for our children. Check out below for details.

How UW works for parents

UW is an online platform linking up individual users that want to sell and buy second-hand fashion items. We endeavour to make the transactions as easy and as safe as possible for both sellers and buyers. 

  • In practice, you can use filters and browse your feed to find fashion items for your whole family. Add them to your cart and buy them all in one go with our secured payment system. We (UW) will receive your payment and hold it preciously while you wait for your items.
  • We will give shipping instructions to the sellers based on the delivery method and address you chose. Most delivery methods will allow you to track your items' delivery directly on our platform. 
  • Once you have received your items, let us know and check that all is in order. If you are happy with them, you just need to indicate so on our platform and then we will pay the seller.

Don't worry, if the order is not shipped, you will be fully refunded. If you are not happy with some or all of the items received, you can ask for a return (return conditions apply). You are refunded as soon as the seller has received his items back.

And we have a dedicated customer support team more than happy to help you if you have any questions or issues at any stage (check out our contact form below).

What to find on UW

You would have gathered by now, we are all about second-hand fashion. We therefore welcome with opened arms second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories (belts, scarves, hats, bags, jewellery, etc). And from today, these can be for all ages as items for the younger ones can now also be placed and sold here. 

This however means that the other items are not allowed on our platform. This includes for example books, toys, electric/electronic items (hair dyer, video games), or household items (frames, candles, etc) which will be removed by our teams. Click here for more information on what is allowed. 

Buying for the whole family

You want to buy something for your partner, you kids have grown few inches and you need new pants for them? You can search it all from your feed and buy it all in one go at the end.

By default, your feed will show you items fit for yourself (based on your gender and sizes). You will need to switch to another department to access clothes for the rest of your family. We have 6 departments available : Women, Men, Boys, Girls, Babies and Unisex. Use the filters on the right end side to switch to another department and start searching for the perfect item. 

Few things to keep in mind when searching :

  • You cannot search in 2 departments at the same time (for example for you and your baby), so you will need to switch back between departments. Make sure you add the item you like to your cart or in your favorite before you switch department. 
  • Changing department will automatically reset the other filters (category, sizes, etc),
  • Some filters are dependent on others (subcategories first need a category) but you don't need to select all filters to start searching,
  • Filters you have set will be visible on top of your feed and can be changed at any time by clicking on them,
  • You can restrain the search to items near you (that you can pick up from the seller's location) and/or items with a great discount (Outlet prices).

Selling items from the whole family

You can add items for the whole family from your wardrobe and managed them all from there.

Just make sure you select the right department (Women, Men, Boys, Girls, Babies) when you add the product to access the correct categories and sizes. If you believe the item you are adding can go for either male or female, you still need to select a department(Women/Men, Girls/Boys), then activate the Unisex option. Note that Babies are automatically considered unisex.

As with your regular items, make sure you indicate the correct package type (used to calculate shipping fees paid by buyers) and turn on/off any other options (bidding, delivery methods).

As soon as your product is added, it will be available for sale. However, only people looking into the relevant department will see them.

Users will be able to ask you questions or for more pictures through the public Comment section available for each of your items. They can then buy your item or make you an offer (if you have activated bidding). You will be paid as soon as buyers have confirmed having received the item and wanting to keep them.

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