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Discover our new UW! :-)

We have been diligently working away on improving our platform, constantly making little changes here and there to make it better and easier for everyone to find the fashionable treasure they are looking for. 

Today though, we are proud to release bigger improvements that will help you navigate the UW feed like a pro! We have also decided it is time to take one more step towards making second-hand fashion the norm. Check out what we have in store below.


Our filtering system got a facelift!

You will see a few adjustments to the filtering system. Some filters were added, others clarified, and we improved their look. The main changes however include:

Replacing Gender by Department : From now on, you can filter on (or filter out) kids and baby clothes! Our platform is now open to these articles but you are still in control of what you want to see in your feed.  So if you are a not interested in kids clothes, you won't see them.

  • We have created 6 departments for you to choose from: Women, Men, Boys, Girls, Babies and Unisex.
  • By default, your feed will be based on your profile (your gender, size, etc) and you can use the filters like before to target your search. Categories, subcategories and sizes have become even more dynamic and the proposed options will depend on what has already been selected. 
  • If you are interested in searching in a different department, for example looking for clothes for your little brother or sister, you will need to do so from the filters. You cannot search in 2 departments at the same time. Note also that changing department will reset the other filters (category, sizes, etc).

Expanding items sizes: Yes you read it right, we have improved and expanded our sizes. For example, you can now specify jeans length and waste size, input a belt size, and many more. These will be available to sellers when you add new items via our website or via the latest version of our mobile app, and to buyers through the filters. But do not worry, we have matched the old and new sizes in our system so buyers will still see new sizes if items were added with the old mobile app.

What else? We do have a couple more improvements:

  • Because we wanted you to have all items at your fingertips, the former tabs (Discover, Outlet, Near you) are gone and you now see all items in one overview (see below)! You will then need to use the filters to only see items near you and/or those that have been placed in the Outlet.
  • The filter selection page will still be accessible from the right hand side of your feed. Some filters are dependant on others (for example, you cannot select a subcategory without a category) but, like before, you don't need to set all the filters.
  • Once you have set your filters, they will be visible on top of your feed, and can be changed at any time by clicking on them.  


All our feeds are now merged into one

No need to switched from your Discover feed to the Outlet. We have removed the tabs and you can find the Outlet and Near you items in your regular feed. If you only want to see Outlet or Near you items, you can simply specify this in the filters!

The first time you select the Near you filter, you will be asked to set an address and a search range. This way, we can filter the items to those which are close by. We will also save the address you have put in so we can tag items near you even if you remove the filter.  

Similarly with the Outlet: we will automatically tag items in your regular feed that were placed in the Outlet, but you can use the filter to see only these items. As a seller however, you will no longer be able to add item in the Outlet from your feed, you must do it from your wardrobe, or via the notification we sent you. 


Better categorize your items and sell faster

We could not improve our filters and the feed, and not give a new look to the Add a product functionality!  We have cleaned it up and run through the new departments, categories, subcategories, sizes, etc. The more precise the information about your items, the easier it is for buyers to search for them and therefore faster it is to sell.

The changes will be available via our website and the latest version of our mobile app. If you upgrade your app, you will be able to go back to your items and update the relevant information (for example, specifying sizes). If you decide not to upgrade your app yet, no problem, we have mapped the old and new filters so your items will still appear in searches.


Welcome to Children's clothing on United Wardrobe!

Yes, we have made it official, we are now open to kids and baby clothing and shoes on our platform! With this, we are therefore taking another step towards making second-hand fashion the norm for the whole family, by offering parents a safe environment to buy and sell their children's clothes and shoes (toys are still not allowed though). 

If you are interested in knowing how to search and place children's items, we have jotted down some extra information for you here.

If not, don't worry! Our improved filtering system will make sure children items no longer pop up on your feed by mistake. Remember that your feed will show you items fit for yourself by default. However, if you are curious and would like to check out what's available for the younger ones, just switch to the Boys, Girls or Babies department with the filters. Note that you cannot search in 2 departments at the same time, so you will need to switch back to your own department afterwards. Also, changing department will reset the other filters (category, sizes, etc).

We truly believe that together we can make an impact on the environment and build a better future for the next generations. 

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