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Win with the UW Favourites Game 💥

To celebrate the day that only exists once in four years, we decided to give you the chance to win your favourite item. Sounds interesting? We thought so!

When is it

Only this Saturday 29th of February, that special day between 28th of February and the 1st of March that only exists once every 4 years!

The game will start at 00:01 and end at 23:59.

Who can participate

Everyone with an UW-account can participate! But only 3 lucky ones will receive one of the items they have favourited during the campaign. 

How it works

This one is really easy! You will have to add cool items to your favorites! There are a few rules:

  • The items need to be added to your favourites on the 29th of February between 00:01 and 23:59.
  • You will need to favourite 10 items or more on this day.
  • Items you already favourited in the past don't count.

We will then choose 3 winners!

  • We will decide which item favourited will win.
  • You will get an email if you are one of the lucky winners.
  • We will buy the item and make sure you will receive it!
You can also technically take part in the game as a seller: if your items get favourited, you could have one of these items bought by UW for the winner. For this to happen though, your items need to be visible and eye-catchers. So make sure you have nice pictures, clear descriptions and tags, and that you provide proof of authenticity for items in your wardrobe. 😉

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