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When & how to get paid

When a buyer receives your order and decides to keep it, we pay you! The buyer has already transferred the money to our payment partner, Stripe, and it is kept safe while the order is being delivered. When the order is completed, we deduct the service fee and pay you the rest.

Completing the order

Once the package is confirmed as received on our platform, the buyer has 4 days to decide if he/she wants to keep the order (and therefore complete it), or fill in a return request. If the buyer completes the order within those 4 days or our system automatically completes the order after 4 days, you will get paid!

Transferring the money

To ensure a safe transaction, we first need to verify your identity. We cannot pay you without that. 

How to do the identity verification

You will need to enter your full name and date of birth (as shown on your ID documents), your address and your bank account number/IBAN. This information will then be verified. If it cannot be verified, you will be asked for additional information. You can read more about it here. Don't worry, this information will be private and won't be shared with other users

Good news : You only need to do it once. Once your identity has been verified, you're good to go! We will not ask you to do it again or provide more information unless:

  • you change your information (e.g., provide a new IBAN)
  • you receive more than 2.500€ in payments (cumulated sales), or if your payout has been pending for more than 6 months
If you do not go through the verification process, we can't ensure a safe transaction and therefore the money will stay with our payment partner, Stripe. They hold the money for 90 days after completion of the order. If you do not provide the information we need to be able to pay you within 90 days, we are forced to refund the money to the buyer. So make sure you provide the right information within these 90 days!

When are payouts processed

We make sure payments are done every morning, this means we usually pay you within 24 hours! You will get an email when the money is transferred to you, with the expected amount and the bank account used. We expect you to receive this money within 3 business days. This however depends on which bank you use. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands. When you did not receive the money on the same day we transferred it, we advise you to wait two more business days. The money is on it's way!

Weekend delay

Payouts will also be done on the weekends. This means you will get an email from us on Saturday or Sunday saying that your money was transferred. The bank, on the other hand, processes these transactions on Monday morning, meaning you will receive the money between Monday and Thursday. This is also out of our hands and we ask for your understanding. 

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