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Personal information management

You can change your personal information at any given time in your UW account. All can be accessed from Menu > Settings.

Here you find all your personal information such as name or username, email, phone number, languages, shipping address, delivery methods you agreed to, and things like holiday mode and notification preferences.

We have however included below specific things you need to know when updating some of your data.

Updating your name

Updating your name is really easy: just go to Menu > Settings > Account settings > Personal info

You can put in your real name or your preferred user name (a "Display name"). The user name will be visible to all other users on our platform.

We do required your real and full name (as shown on your ID) when :

  • we want to pay you out for your recent sale. This is required to perform an identity verification. Without this, we cannot pay you. But rest assured, other users won't see this information.
  • you fil in your addresses and service points (in Menu > Settings > Shipping info > Delivery addresses). These require your real name, which will be passed onto the seller when you purchase an item. This is really important if you ask for a Mondial Relay or UPS delivery for example as service points will check the name on the order against your ID. Depending on your country of residence, this can also be required by your local postal services to deliver your order at your home address.

Changing your IBAN

You can change  your bank account number directly on our website via Menu > Settings > Account settings > IBAN. It is no longer possible to do it via the app.

Once this is done though, please contact us. We need to make sure your future sales will be paid out on this new IBAN.

Note though that you may be asked to go through the identity verification again when changing your IBAN. In this case, your identity will need to be successfully verified before we can pay you again.

If you are a buyer with a cancelled or returned order (made after July 30) and awaiting your refund, we will automatically do this via the same payment method you have used to pay for that specific order. There is no need to provide an IBAN in your settings. 

Changing your email address

Your email address is important to us. We use it send you automatic updates about your orders, any notifications about users and items you follow (if you have allowed these notifications) or for our client service to contact you if required. Therefore, it would be great if you could update this address to the most current one, especially if you no longer have access to the old one (you are no longer a student for example)

To do so, you need to go to Menu > Settings > Account settings > Email address. Once you have updated it, we will send an email to your new address with a confirmation link. (Please check your junk box if you do not receive it within a few minutes.) Once confirmed, you can log in to your UW account with your new address. Your password is unchanged by the way.

Changing you postal address or service point

All addresses and service points can be added and modified from Menu > Settings > Shipping info > Delivery addresses

If you would like to delete an address or service point, make sure this is not your default one. If so, you need to add the new one and mark it as "default" before the old address' delete button becomes available.

Remember that you are responsible for providing the correct address or service point to the seller. The seller will be provided by the information we have on your profile at order checkout. Therefore make sure you update it if you relocate, though you can always check and modify your address or service point just before you pay for your UW items. 

Of course, because our system uses your address/service point to determine shipping fees, it is not possible to change these for existing orders.  If one of your orders has an incorrect address/service point, check out potential solutions here

If your order is returned to the seller because of an incorrect address, you will be asked to pay additional shipping fees.


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