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We're making UW even safer!

Making UW safe for anyone who wants to sell and buy secondhand online is our priority and we are always looking at ways to get better at it.

So today, we are taking steps to make payments even safer than before. Plus, we want to make sure that counterfeiting and money-laundering will not happen on UW. 

Don't worry, this will not change the way UW works, or the fees. However, we had to make some adjustments. In particular:

  • Sellers are asked to complete one extra step before we can pay them out,
  • The Paypal option at checkout had to be suspended for a little while (since the 30th of July),
  • We have updated our Terms & Conditions to reflect the above changes.

Please keep on reading to see how this might impact you.  

What's happening

We are partnering with Stripe (a Payment Service Provider) to coordinate payments from the 30th of July, and more importantly, to run the required checks before we can safely pay out sellers. You may have heard of them and even used them before: Stripe is the payment provider currently used by TicketSwap, Deliveroo, Booking.com amongst others. 😉 

What does it mean for sellers

Since the beginning of July, sellers' identity needs to be verified by Stripe. Without this, we cannot pay out sellers anymore. It is therefore critical that the required information is correctly provided.

Sellers will be automatically redirected to the Identity Verification page when:

  • they add a new item on UW,
  • OR they re-activate an expired item
  • OR one of their orders has been finalised and we are trying to pay them
If you haven’t had your identity verified before July 30, you consent to have your payment information safely transferred today from your United Wardrobe account to Stripe. You may still be asked to confirm your identity after the transfer before you can be paid out when you sell an item.

Good news though: You only need to do it once. This means that once your identity has been verified, you're good to go! We will not ask you to do it again unless you need to change your information (e.g., provide a new IBAN).

Also, these verifications are not required to refund buyers when an order is cancelled or returned. We will simply send the money back via the payment method used by the buyer. 

How to do this identity verification

You will be asked to:

  • provide your your full name and date of birth (as shown on your ID documents), 
  • provide your address 
  • provide your IBAN,
  • accept Stripe's Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that everything is correct (e.g, no typo) so Stripe can run the checks quickly. Once the check is done: 

  • It is verified: There is nothing else to do, you're all set to add items and sell on UW. 
  • It is not verified: Check that the information you provided is correct. You may also be required to provide a copy of a valid ID document (e.g., passport, ID card) and/or a proof of address (e.g., utility bill). You can check out here the requirements to upload the required evidence.

If your identity is still not verified after your documents were uploaded, then your UW account will be suspected of fraud and we will have to block it.  This also means that we will have to refund buyers for all your orders in progress. So please make sure your name matches the one on the copy of ID uploaded.

If you sell more than 2.500€ (cumulative sales), or if your payout has been pending for more than 6 months, you will also be required to upload a copy of your ID, even if the first identity verification was validated.

What happens with my personal data

In providing again your IBAN, you accept Stripe's Terms & Conditions, and therefore give us permission to pass on the information required for the identity verification to Stripe.

Your name, date of birth and address will still be stored on your UW profile, and we will use the same measures as now to protect them.

However, we will not store the copy of your ID documents and IBAN on UW. These will instead be stored by Stripe so they can pay you out when you sell something. 

What if I don't want my full name to be shown to everyone

Don't worry, we've thought about it too. You will be able to set up a "Display name" that will be visible to the UW community. Your full name will only be required by Stripe for the payment part. 

Remember as well that you should indicate your real name against each of your address and service points to avoid delivery issues (e.g., not being able to pick up a parcel because your name does not match the shipping label). This can be set up in Menu > Settings > Shipping info > Delivery addresses.

What does it mean for buyers

If you only use UW to buy items, then you don't need to go through an identity verification like for sellers. If your order is returned or cancelled, we will simply send the money back to you via the payment method you used.

However, if you decide to resell an item instead of returning it, using the "Add this product in your closet" button on the return request page, you will need to complete the identity verification (if you have not yet already done so).

Also, Since Thursday, July 30, we are no longer be able to offer Paypal as a payment option for you. We are hoping that we will be able to bring it back soon though. In the meantime, you can find the payment methods currently available here.

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