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Payment of return

It is possible for a buyer to return an item. When the item complies with our return rules and process, the buyer can sent the item back to you. You then need to indicate via the UW app that you have your item back so we can refund the buyer. However, in some situations, you have incurred costs. Check out the sections below to see if you can be refunded.

Since July 2020, sellers need to have their identity verified by our payment partner, Stripe (also used by Booking.com for example) before we can process any payment to them. Without this verification, we cannot pay you anymore and your money is on hold. So please make sure this is done as soon as possible.

Prepaid stamps

When you sent the item with postage stamps, you payed for the stamps in advance. Normally, you will be reimbursed for these costs when the order is paid out. When you receive the product back, we will of course payout the buyer for the order price. Because you payed in advance for the stamps, you can contact us to be reimbursed for these costs. Just make sure you provide the receipt and the order number (ORD_number) in your message.

New shipping label bought

This is required when our label failed: due to a mistake in an address or a time-out from our system, you paid for a new shipping label to send your package. We usually pass the shipping fees paid by the buyer to you once the order if finalised. But if you received the product back instead, please contact us with the receipt and order number (ORD_number) to be refunded.

Return of a bundle

A buyer can buy one or multiple items out of your wardrobe. This can be in a bundle bid or when he/she just selects different items and purchases these. In these cases, one order is created. It is possible for the buyer to return one or multiple items from a bundle order. The money needs to be split between you and the buyer, since the buyer is also keeping one or multiple items.

Please contact us, so we can arrange a different payout! Do NOT indicate in the order page that you received the items back. When you click this button, our system will automatically finish the order and pay back the buyer for the complete amount. When you discussed a new price together with the buyer, let us know! We will make sure we pay you manually and you will both receive the right amount. 

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