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Return process

The buyer has received your item(s) but is not quite satisfied? Then they are allowed to lodge a return request and it is up to you to respond to this request. You can check the return criteria here before reading what follows.

How to respond to a return request

You will get a notification on the UW app and/or via email (based on your notification permissions) as soon as the buyer has lodged a return request. 

This will have a link/button to access the request. You can also access it in Menu > My orders > Sold, by clicking on your order.

You will have 72 hours (3 days) to respond to the request. You can do so by clicking on the relevant button.

  • If you accept the return request, the buyer will have 3 days to ship the item(s) back to you.
  • If you reject the request, it will be forwarded onto us for review. We (UW) will then decide to approve it or not. It is therefore critical to include as many details as possible about your reason for the dismissal. You should also include pictures that clearly outline your point. 
If you do not respond within the 72 hours, the buyer's request will be automatically approved and the buyer provided with the return address you nominated when putting your items online on UW. This is our automatic system, the reason in the return request is not taken into consideration. We will not be able to reverse this.

How to receive the item(s) back

If the request is approved, the buyer will have 3 working days to ship the item(s) back to you, at his/her expenses. By default, we will provide your nominated return address to him/her but you should always confirm it with the buyer in the chat. If you would like to have your item(s) sent to a service point, make sure you discuss this with the buyer straight away.

The buyer is responsible for choosing the shipping method but we strongly recommend one that has a Track & Trace code to safeguard the return. This also helps keep an eye on it and follow up with the carrier as required. Do not hesitate to ask for the Track & trace code in the chat.

Once you have received your item(s) back, you will need to confirm it in the UW app, via Menu > My orders > Sold. As soon as we receive your confirmation, we will refund the buyer.

Beware: When the return request is accepted because your item is a replica, you will not receive the item back. It will be send to our office so we can check it. If it turns out to be a replica item, we will confiscate it. Selling replica items is forbidden and we do not want to facilitate this. You can read our policy here.

Receiving part of a bundle

If you shipped multiple items to the buyer and only some of them are meant to be returned, the buyer still needs to lodge a return request and you will have to respond to it. If you reject the request, please make sure you provide a dismissal reason for each item included in the request.

However, as we will need to refund the buyer some of the cost and pay you the rest if the request is approved, you need to contact our client service with the financial arrangement discussed with the buyer. You can do so through the contact form, under Returns > Payment of returns. 

Since July 2020, sellers need to have their identity verified by our payment partner, Stripe (also used by Booking.com for example) before we can process any payment to them. Without this verification, we cannot pay you anymore and your money is on hold. So please make sure this is done as soon as possible.

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