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Payment troubleshooting

When you did not receive your money after cancelling or returning an order, there could be a few causes. You need to get your money back and we will of course make sure you do. But first, check out usual reasons for delayed payments below.

The order is not yet cancelled or the return is still in progress

Lodging a cancellation request or shipping your order back to the seller is not enough for the refund to be triggered. 

The cancellation request must have been approved (by the seller or by UW) or, in case of a return, the seller must have confirmed having received his/her item back via the UW app.

Once this is done, we process the refund within 24 hours and you should see it on your bank account within few days. 

My order was cancelled and I did not receive my shipping fees back

When your order is cancelled, we will refund shipping fees if:

  • you paid for postage stamps delivery or our system failed to generate a shipping label  
  • we created a label but the order was not shipped
  • we created a label but it was not used by the seller when your order was shipped, and the order got lost

If your order falls in one of the above categories but your refund did not include shipping fees, please wait a few more days first. Shipping fees are refunded through a slightly different process and this may take longer to be on your bank account. If you still have nothing after 7 days, please contact us. 

Note however that we will not refund shipping fees if your order is returned to the seller because you did not pick it up at the UPS or Mondial Relay point. 

IBAN not provided

If you have purchased something after 30 July, your payment will be processed and held by our new payment partner Stripe (also used by Booking.com for example). If your order is later cancelled or returned, your IBAN will not be required to refund you. Stripe will simply refund you via the payment method you used. This will be processed within 24 hours after the cancellation/return has been confirmed and you will receive the money on your bank account within 7 working days.

However, for orders created before 30 July, we cannot reimburse you when your don't have an IBAN listed on your UW account. You should have received email reminders about this but you can always check it via the website via Menu > Settings > Account settings > IBAN. This is no longer possible via the apps. Once you have filled in your IBAN, we will process you refund within 24 hours. You should then receive the money in the following 3 business days (depending on bank and if the payment is processed on a weekend). 

Wrong IBAN

This section only applies to orders created before 30 July that are now cancelled or returned. IBAN are no longer required to refund orders created after that date.

Did you check the IBAN listed on your account via the website? Is this a wrong or old IBAN? If so, please update it via Menu > Settings > IBAN (via our website, not the app) and then contact us. We will check if the money was transferred back to us.

  • If yes then we will resend, this time on your new bank account
  • if not, you will unfortunately need to contact your bank to coordinate a transfer from your old to new account.

Weekend delay

Did we transfer the money to you on a Saturday or Sunday? The bank will transfer this money on Monday. In the weekend the banks do not process any payments, that is why it will happen on Monday. Unfortunately, we can't change that. When we transferred the money in the weekend, you will receive it between Monday and Thursday!

Paypal is no longer proposed when I try to pay 

To further safeguard payments, we are partnering with a new Payment provider, Stripe (also used by Booking.com, Deliveroo and TicketSwap for example).

Since July 30, 2020, as part of this change, we are no longer able to offer Paypal as a payment option for you. We are hoping that we will be able to bring it back soon though. In the meantime, you can find the payment methods currently available here.

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