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Payment of return

Once the seller has confirmed in the order page that he/she has received the item(s) back, we will refund you. This will include: 

  • the product price (or the agreed proportion if you are returning part of a bundle),
  • the shipping fees you paid when you ordered the item(s). This is only when you return the full order, if you keep one of the items, you will not get the shipping fees back.
Please note: the shipping fees you paid when you ordered, will be transferred in a different payment. They will not appear in your payout email, they will be back in your bank account within 7 days!

We will not however refund the following: 

  • the cost of returning the item(s) to the seller
  • the cost of the envelop/packaging used to return the article(s)
  • the service/administration fees 

The payment will be processed within 24 hours via the payment method you used when purchasing, and you will see it on your bank account within 7 working days.

For orders created before 30 July, refunds will be done on the IBAN nominated on your UW account. Therefore, please make sure that you have provided the correct bank information (IBAN) on your UW account so we can refund you. This is only possible through the website, not via the apps. You can add/modify it via Menu > Settings > IBAN.

If your return request was for replica reasons, you will need to send the order back to us for checking, not to the seller's address. If the item turns out to be a replica, we will confiscate it and refund you as above. We will also refund you the cost of shipping the item to us, as soon as we receive a copy of the receipt.

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